Game thread 12/8/21 - at #8 Maryland (BTN+ at 7pm)


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Aug 15, 2001
Sheridan , Michigan
That may be and I must confess, I haven't really seen Maryland play the past few years. I just wasn't impressed with them compared to what I was expecting from a team that has dominated the conference like they have. I would be very surprised if they end up in the Final Four.
Well if they get Diamond Miller back (their best player and an All-American) who is out with a knee injury, they will be hard to beat. Maryland played awful tonight (for them) except for the 4th Q. I remember how unbeatable they looked last year.

If Miller gets healthy I would not be surprised at all if they are in the FF.
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Jun 26, 2001
Don’t think I’ve been as pleased with a Purdue wbb loss in ever. This was a game till mid 4 th
I was sick of seeing Md totally trash us
Without our leading rebounder and leading scorer we fought the 8 team for most of the game
Just scrapped and scrapped
I see good things ahead
We have a coach!
Realize Md was down a superstar
But Kyle and layton
Are not chump
In time this team will be a contender