Anaya Peoples to DePaul

Mar 17, 2022
Certainly CKG is TRYING to get a quality transfer or three, but she has a lot working against her. Lack of D1 contacts, no already established relationships, perception issues with the program (we are in the top 2% of schools for number of players in the portal), little to offer, no proven PG for next year (for trying to recruit the other 4 positions), very weak in the post (again for trying to recruit guards and wings, they want to be on a strong team)......... This is has been why all along I said I did not think we would add a quality player from the portal, despite CKG's best efforts. The portal is making the strong stronger and it makes it much harder to build a program that has been torn down. I really do hope she can land at least a decent center, but I am not at all optimistic about the chances as most of the good to decent posts have already committed somewhere.


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Jun 26, 2001
I have to agree that this is becoming harder and harder but it is not over yet.