Fire Matt Painter Petition...

First of all, I went to Purdue when Painter played. I like him as a person and I think he a good regular season coach, but not many people outside of the Midwest care much about BIG titles and certainly not the national media calling Purdue the "Choke Artist Program of the Decade" etc...
College basketball is all about March and us losing to North Texas (#13), St. Peters (#15), Fairleigh Dickinson (#16) along with Little Rock etc. are not acceptable for program like Purdue.

The head coach is the CEO of their program, so when you have failed on the biggest stage you should be accountable for his failure.
I think Painter has become too comfortable, too stubborn and too rigid for the good of Purdue.
So with this petition, this is your chance to voice your displeasure with Matt Painter.
This might not get him fired but it should be put him on notice to at the very least to make major changes if he wants keep his job.

Ideas and thoughts about next year thread

Season is done, I’m over it, realistically I was hoping sweet 16 but it didn’t happen. Look, we’re all disappointed, however, I think next year can be a really good one, hoping Edey sticks around, will he? What do folks want to see happen? Painter isn’t being fired so that talk isn’t realistic. Personally I want to see Renn from this point forward to be the 4, I also want to see an athletic wing brought in via the portal, a final 4 team can’t have a lineup with Gillis, Newman, Loyer, Smith in it, nowhere near athletic enough. I like Smith and Loyer in it, think Gillis is better served off the bench, same with Newman if he wants to stick it out. I love this school, this loss hurts but it’s nowhere near as bad as the Virginia one. Also, this is a great site, would love to see good ideas without people getting nasty about it, it’s just sports, not life or death lol

Heartbreaking loss for IU last night

At home, in the second round of the NCAA vs Miami. They really struggled all game to score and never led. I know they’re our rival, but I like their team and especially their coach (a Boiler!) - so I pull for them whenever they’re not playing Purdue.
Feel bad for Berger & Holmes. Tough way to end careers, especially at home.

Kind of ironic that both IU teams lost to Miami. Ugh. My first time to see the Cavender (sp?) twins play.

Berger did not have her usual clutch moments in the 4th Q, and missed a crucial shot with under 30 seconds to play. IU still had a chance- with about 3 seconds - drove the length of the court but lost control at the top of the key, surrendered a steal, never got a shot off.
Kind of a microcosm of their night.

But Big 10 still got 3 teams to S16. Better than the mens’ side of the league

Hummel on Purdue's Loss and Fans Getting on Painter

I thought this article was relevant, since Robbie played for us, and he is a beloved Boilermaker. I think several of the things that he said has been mentioned on here at nauseum over the last few days.

We all know about our shooting woes, and that was mentioned in the article multiple times. The one question I have though is why we stopped recruiting sharpshooters. We would get a sharpshooter in each recruiting class every year, like we get a QB in each football recruiting class. Painter stopped doing that. Maybe that has something to do with COVID and the roster numbers. I don't know.

The press comment was the most confusing though. Do we have locker room issues, because that problem, which could cause shooting issues too, sounded like players didn't care? At least, that is how I took this reaction wise below from the article statement.

"The press-break stuff, that's a different story," Hummel said. "I don't understand why the press gives them so much trouble. Sometimes, at the Big Ten tournament, Bruce Weber and I were sitting there watching, and it was guys were catching (the ball) refusing to turn to actually break the press."

Here is the article:

How Painter stays

I dont believe an impulsive firing of CMP is appropriate, but his seat is red hot and performance must be scrutinized over the next season. I would release him if we don't see progress mid season. Here's how he keeps his job:

1. Convince Zach to return next season. Period.

2. Stop hampering his development and let him shoot a mid range jumper from time to time.

3. Implement a zone alternative on defense.

4. Implement a second small-ball offensive look that can win the transition game.

5. For the love of God hire a Press Breaker consultant. Take responsibility for your failure in this area.

6. Secure a top scoring grad transfer(s). Release existing players as needed.

7. Make sure Berg develops an outside game like the Euro big man he is.

8. Recruit a pure PG in the 2023 class.

9. Stay in contention for Big Regular Season Title.

10. E8 or bye bye.

Did I miss anything?


I'm wondering if anyone else noticed what I did at the Indiana game in Mackey. During the time-outs, the Indiana players were in a circle with their arms around each other--a picture of togetherness. In contrast, our players were standing around casually...quite apart from each othe,r looking around the arena--- a picture of being disconnected.and, although it pains me to say it, that togetherness and picture of disconnection seemed to show up in each team's play. So, I wonder-----are our players together?

Parallels between Colts/Ballard and Purdue/Painter

Any other Colts and Purdue hoops fans notice any parallels between the 2 organizations and their current leaders?

Outdated schemes

Stubbornness about said schemes

Stubbornness about roster construction

Overvaluing of less important positions, undervaluing of more important positions

Refusal/inability to be aggressive in the portal/free agency

Or am I overthinking this?

OK. I'll do the elephant in the room

We have a great group of guys. I truly love them all. but this is a "business." So, the best survive ... or at least those who take the company to their goal. Here I am, hatchet man:
Newman - Luv ya' bro, but you gotta go
Morton - Luv you too, but you're gonna sit the bench
Gillis - Luv ya and you're gonna stay!
Furst - Luv ya, but dammit, work your ass off on what you need to
Edey - Luv ya, Hope you stay, if you don't, still luv ya man
Loyer - hit the damned weights and get your confidence back
Smith - Luv ya, but you are who you are ... take the good and take the bad
Waddell - You stay as long as you want, but don't see a lot of time
Heide - All the opportunity in the world. Please grab it and thrive
TKR - Loved you this year, but please develop a face to the basket game
Berg - MY GAWD if you can shoot the three... YAZ!!!
Colvin - Damn man, what a game you have. Bring some street ball to the boilers.

PG - HELP, Smith
SG - HELP - Loyer
WING - ?? Gillis? --- or HELP
PF - TKR -- can't be a backdown 5
C - Edey? -- Furst>> Who knows. Will we continue with the back to the basket style

Spring Practice Storyline To Watch

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🤺 3 Position Battles
⭐️ Which young players will emerge?
🏈 Piecing together the defensive line

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