Vball vs UM part 2 plus Annie Drews


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Jun 12, 2020
Pretty good match with a lot of playing time for the seniors.

The play by Schermerhorn was incredible. She dug a spike and it was going to be an overpass, hit the net and appeared to come right back to her. She was still laying flat on the ground and reached back behind her and was able to get her left fist on the ball to punch it back over.
1. crazy Reaction and dexterity
2. I wondered why they were not calling it a double contact because it only hit the net between her two contact…had to slow it down to see that Eva Hudson reached back and barely touched the ball on its was to Schermerhorn the second time. The deflection lifted the ball a tiny amount and made the possibility for Maddie to hit the ball more incredible and perhaps more random.

for sure a sports center highlight moment!

They honored Annie Drews between sets and also interviewed her on BTN. What a super class act! What a great coach she would make one day…hope she has that desire. The guy that did the interview was very good but not as good on the game call.