Trevion “Big Cat” Williams signs with World Champion Warriors


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Jul 30, 2001
New Haven, CT
I am honestly shocked he didn't get drafted in the second as he seemed to have a decent amount of buzz for a second rounder.
I think it just became a numbers game and the teams he worked out for addressed bigger needs. It’s almost better being an UDFA than a late 2nd Rounder because you get to choose where you go to some degree and I bet Tre had a few places he could have gone. He chose a winning team that has something of a need at his position. Boston is a well-managed organization again as shown by their playoff run.


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Nov 16, 2012
Congrats and good luck at camp, Tre!

Ex10 are non-guaranteed so the Warriors aren't really too invested in him yet. However, it's still good news for Tre. #1, he gets the camp invite. I believe the Ex10 can be turned into a 2-way contract if they don't want him on the NBA roster but like him enough for that investment. Also, I remember Isaac signing one...if you get cut without the 2way contract, the team can designate you to their own g-league team and you get a little $ bonus.