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Mar 3, 2014
Certainly can't hurt to have some depth because who knows how Newman will respond this year but this addition doesn't appear to give us the boost we need to compete for a B1G title and it most certainly would appear that we're done as far as the transfer portal goes. I think that's were the disappointment comes from.
In fairness, nobody really saw this recruitment coming either. Visit was announced and 48-72 hours later he was committed. Maybe the pay-siders had earlier insight, but this was the timeline for a lot of fans. Guess the point is if nobody really knew Painter was talking to Jenkins, who's to say there aren't other portal players he's working that we don't know about.

Edit: sad news of death of a former player really puts recruiting gripes into perspective...
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Mar 25, 2022
If Newman doesn’t contribute this year, there is zero chance we are a top 5 team in the Big Ten.

Im a big CMP fan. I was a huge fan of last year’s team. That doesn’t mean I look at everything with black and gold glasses like you.

For me, my hope for the team is not to have the success we’ve had the last 5-10 years. My hope would be that we improve upon it and become a top team in the nation. I believe Painter can get us there.
I believe he will have a break out year and show everyone who he is just need time on the court look out


May 19, 2012
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