Ryan field to be levelled, 35K seat $800 million whatsits to be built in it's place.


Dec 11, 2002
No chatter on Northwestern bulldozing Ryan filed to be replaced with a 35K capacity “Event Venue”? I’m trying to wrap my head around this and wondering what kind of say the BT has in the process.
  1. It was advertised a few years ago that the heavyweights (schools with over 90K stadiums) were disappointed that they had to carry “weak sisters” as part of the gate revenue sharing within the BT. Now you’re looking at making the smallest stadium in the BT, if not P5 football, and that’s okay?
  2. Assuming that they haven’t all fled the area, there has always been a large BT alumni presence in Chicago. Northwestern being so close, you’d think there would be an outcry on reducing available tickets (yes, I know they rarely sell out now, but 35K seems draconian).
On a larger scale and complete speculation on my part, is this some of the re-aligning with the dawn of the “Super conferences”? Is this Northwestern’s way of saying they won’t be playing the game and they’re okay with taking a University of Chicago status in the BT? Or do they know something that we don’t, that there will be some subtractions in the BT? Again, purely speculation on my part, but combined with Wisky axing Chryst in what’s assumed as an effort to play with the REALLY big boys, one has to wonder what conversations are talking place behind BT closed doors.
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