Rivalries I’d like to see


May 23, 2013
Looking around the landscape and now that Notre Dame has decided Purdue is no longer good enough to play them every year, I was thinking of some non conference rivalries I’d like to see Purdue start.

The first would be Purdue vs Kentucky. And add in basketball as well as football. If you look at recruiting, both uk and Purdue recruit the same players. Our standing in our conference is about the same. Our teams are about equal. And Indiana all star teams play uk teams in basketball. It seems like it would be a great rivalry.

I was also thinking of Purdue vs louisville for the obvious reasons. And Purdue verses missouri although missouri is more a rival to Illinois. Or purdue against against one of nc, nc st or Duke.

My thoughts are since nd doesn’t want to play us every year, we should look to develop a new rivalry and expand it to include other sports.

Growing up living in Wisconsin, one of the biggest rivalries for UW was playing Marquette in basketball. It was a game both schools looked forward to.

Any thoughts of a new rivalry you’d like to see?


True Freshman
Jul 18, 2004
I think you are on to something...

Purdue vs. UK & Louisville - for the Bourbon Trail Barrel
• Play FB and MBB
• Alternate between the two Kentucky schools
• A three-way trophy with Purdue vs. Kentucky schools
• Designate a Purdue win in/on the Barrel


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Jul 6, 2018
I'd like to see Purdue vs. UNLV. Then I could watch Purdue in person every other year, and in the nice new Allegiant Stadium.


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Mar 28, 2011
I wish the Purdue-UNC game that is being played in Chapel Hill was happening before 2031. I always wanted a Purdue-UNC (or even NC State) basketball matchup down here during the Big 10-ACC challenges, but it never seemed to pan out.