Purdue Women's Volleyball ranked...


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Nov 11, 2011
#5 in D1. Fri, the Lady Boilers (12-1) won at Illinois 3-2. Only loss at #2 Louisville 3-0.
Wisconsin won it all last year.

You go Ladies! BoilerUp!




I find that to really get into a sport, you need to know the rules. Ever tried watching Lacrosse or Cricket. Ok, they scored, but what's really going on out there? What does a Libero do besides wear a different jersey? I haven't a clue, but I'm about to find out.

What the hey is a Libero?:

How do rotations work?:

Volleyball terms:

B1G in Top25, as of 9/25/22
3 Nebraska (10-1)
(prev #3)
5 Purdue (12-1) (prev #11)
6 Ohio St (5-5) (prev #7)
7 Minnesota (6-4) (prev #8)
8 Wisconsin (7-3) (prev #6)
12 Penn St. (12-1) (prev #9)

26 Michigan (received votes)

To watch most matches, you need BTN+.
Here are the matches on regular BTN.
Oct 5 (Wed) 6pm Iowa BTN
Oct 19 (Wed) 8pm #3 Nebraska BTN
Oct 28 (Fri) TBA at NW BTN
Nov 4 (Fri) TBA at Michigan St BTN
Nov 12 (Sat) 8pm #12 Penn St BTN
Nov 20 (Sun) 1pm at #3 Nebraska BTN

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Mar 4, 2018
Thanks B-man101 ! Good info also being posted over on the Womens Bball free board. Poster DocRon doing a great job on match summaries, Coach Shondell’s weekly pressers, etc. Team is really fun to watch - entire home game schedule is sold out. Great athletes, amazing team play. Hope everyone checks them out.
Yes! DocRon does a great job. They might have to move to Mackey. Tickets are getting hard to come by.

All volleyball this week is sold out. BTN on 10/5.
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