NIL impact on education and team cohesiveness...


Jun 1, 2001
I have a feeling all these schools that are ponying up big bucks for highschoolers are really waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Point 1: When I was 18, if I was a baller and had $100,000 in the bank there's no way I would go to class and study hard. I think we will see a lot of ****ery with schools trying to cover for bad attendance and grades. They will DEFINITELY want to protect their investment. What if a kid makes $100k a year and stops going to class? When do we just stop calling it amateur athletics and make it a semi-pro league?

Point 2: If you and I are going to the same practices, putting in the same effort and busting our asses on the court, but you're getting 6 figures and I'm getting room and board...there's gonna be a problem. How will NIL affect team cohesion? What if your leading scorer was a late bloomer and had a break out year? Will he be happy sharing the rock with a primadonna who's banking because of raw talent but isn't putting in the work while he's playing for room and board?

Point 3: How is an 18 year old kid going to listen to a coach or assistant coach who might be making less than him?

Screw the NIL. There needs to be a max payout to student athletes.

But team is on the floor. If Purdue has to field of team of 3 stars and play against teams with 5 star millionaires, that's fine. We did it for years. I will be cheering my head off for guys that want to put on the Purdue uniform.

DGL can suck it.
Sep 14, 2009
I've said this before but I'll be more blunt this time. The NIL game is not going to end up being what it is today. I, wholeheartedly, believe that Purdue sees the short-term future in this game and it is going to be mass amounts of litigation before we get the final "NIL Product". What it is today is NOT what the intent of NIL was supposed to be and a few years of pissed off coaches, parents, players and fans dealing with lawsuits will give those with smarter minds the power to sculpt the ACTUAL NIL landscape.

We all know this is nothing but pay to play with players going to the highest bidder. If all of these individuals that want to pay the amount of money that is going into this NIL scheme, start your own league of teams a pay however much you want to support these players. Don't bastardize the collegiate game!

IMHO, Purdue is going out of its way to avoid any of this near-term BS and not setting itself up for the, inevitable, court battles to come.