New message board policies

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May 29, 2001
Effective immediately, is implementing new message board administration policies with the goal of limiting the amount of trash and divisiveness being posted.

Our core standards remain in place: We ask merely for civility above all else.

But from here on out our only guiding principle for our staff and our appointed moderators is this: We know it when we see it.

Yes, that is merely subjective and, yes, sometimes there will be some inconsistencies in its application. But we have come to the point where it is our best option.

Our goal has never been to turn these boards into a police state or completely snuff out unpopular and negative opinions.

There are no right answers as to how to manage these things, but in hopes of keeping as many people happy as we reasonably can, overwhelming negativity will be curbed, as will be "call-out" threads, in-fighting, "flame-baiting" (whatever that even is) and so on.

Again, we know it when we see it.

Do not expect drawn-out dialogues with us over why your post deleted. We have to manage these things without compromising our work schedules.

If we delete your post, don't take it personally. You're entitled to a brief explanation if you absolutely, positively must have one, but we're leaving it at that.

Thank you in advance for understanding and thanks as always for visiting the site.
Not open for further replies.