Juvenile Crime Restitution Article


Sep 28, 2011
Although I understand how taxing restitution might be for a young person, the fact that articles like this are making the criminal look like a victim makes me just shake my head. Restitution is part of making amends for what you've done. This person should feel lucky that her criminal record was wiped clean. If she were committing this crime when she was an adult, she'd be spending numerous years behind bars and have a criminal record for the rest of her life.

There's a large percentage of juvenile criminals who do what they do because they know the consequences are limited and they can get their record wiped clean when they turn 18. But now we're considering them victims...

Not sure how we got to a point where the media is now standing up for "injustices" against criminals...

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Oct 4, 2004
You hit the nail on the head regarding a lack of consequences.

When people with low morals, little work ethic and lack of personal responsibility (90% democrats), realize that they don't pay much of a price for doing wrong, they're conditioned to keep doing wrong. It's the reason people build rap sheets.


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Feb 10, 2006
Bargersville, IN
I think they would've done better if the approached it from the stance that this pushes more to then go back to a life of crime as adults to survive after trying to turn their lives around.

Not that I'm advocating for letting people off the hook for their mistakes.

But thinking about it, Dems seem to love their bail project junk, but it would same instead of focusing on bailing out adults, those funds might be better served by helping these people out so they can turn their lives around.