Hoosier Reunion Classic


May 18, 2006
Some quick thoughts on her as this is the first time I've seen her play a game. I know all-star games are very much guard dominated so I didn't come in with huge expectations of her but I thought she played really solid. Yes, she will need to work really hard over the summer in filling out her frame as she does need to add muscle - but you can say that about 90% of HS senior posts - few have college ready bodies - and that few is Ayanna Patterson hence why she was a McD AA. She looks physically like a college junior. But that issue is easily fixable thanks to a college weight room. And she isn't a twig by any means but she'll need to add muscle to that long frame to survive the trenches of the Big Ten

What I love about her is her length. That wingspan is HUGE. She may be listed at 6'3 but she can play like she's 6'5 with those arms. I think if she adds some muscle over the summer she can come in and immediately help us defensively, blocking shots and getting rebounds. Offensively she will have a way to go but again, that's a common issue with freshmen post players. But she did show off a couple nice post moves for buckets. What I also love is that she seems to be super quick for her size and she can rebound and run - something that will be perfect for KG's system. Super glad she stayed with the program through the coaching fiasco as I think she has the potential to turn into a super productive post player for us.


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Jun 26, 2001
Great write up. I am more and more convinced that Katie will turn this around, at least to be a perennial BT contender. National prominence is much harder, but it can be done. Very impressed that she got the Illinois Miss BB.