Highlights of Coach Gearlds' Post-Miami Presser


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Aug 15, 2001
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Coach Gearlds’ Post-Game Presser (after Miami game)
I did not transcribe last week's KG Show because she was out recruiting and Coach Couture, who filled in for her, didn't seem to have a lot to say. But there were some interesting tidbits in Katie's Post Game Press Conference on Sunday.

The full press conference is at WBB | Katie Gearlds Postgame vs. Miami Dec 19

Jeanae Terry’s Triple Double:
  • Terry has been close to a triple double several times and finally accomplished it today (11 pts/12 rebs/10 assists)
  • With Kyle being out “we challenged her to get on the boards a little bit more. She’s a willing passer” maybe sometimes a little too much.
  • She was 1/6 from the field but ends up with a triple double
  • “Just cares about winning and we kind of wanted to reward her and let her chase it down the stretch.”
  • Moving Terry to point against West Virginia was just to keep pressure off of Ellis (and was a better matchup for both) but after the game we said “Wow, we need to stick with that.”
  • Both Terry and Ellis have excelled from that change.
Rickie Woltman
  • We have better flow in transition when Rickie is in the game. Obviously we miss Shaya’s points and her presence but having Rickie in there allows Jeanae to find the shooters in transition..

Ra Shaya Kyle’s Status
  • Return date for Shaya is unknown. She starts bike tomorrow. She needs to let “that bone heal all the way” and then get back in shape.

3 Point Shooting
  • I think Madison and Cass rushed some of their early shots but then got great looks
  • Q: Would Cass have had an opportunity to stay in the game last year after starting 0/6? KG sidestepped the question a little by saying if you are a shooter and have to look over your shoulder and think I have to make it to stay in the game that puts a lot of pressure on you.
  • I was fortunate that when I played here I wasn’t made to feel that way but in the WNBA that is the pressure I felt.
  • We actually chased down a lot of Hardin’s shots in transition and got offensive rebounds

Cassidy Hardin
  • Cass works her tail off. She is everything you want to coach. We shoot 3X/week just doing rhythm shots.
  • Once we learned Cass could battle 4s we feel good about letting her play thru those stretches. She does all the little things you don’t see besides making 3PTs.

Win Total
  • Q: Last year you only won 7 games and this year you have already won 8. The significance of that is what? “Nothing. We have a game on Tuesday.” (Coach does a stare-down, then after a pause goes on.)
  • “I don’t know how many people outside our locker room, including you guys,… would have thought this team would be 8-4 right now with a chance to go 9-4 before Christmas.” (Back to her congenial self.)
  • “They play hard but they practice even harder.”

2nd Quarter Spurt
  • Q: You had an 11-0 run at the start of the 2nd Q and won the 2nd Q 18-10. What did you tell them at the quarter break? “Just to lock in defensively a little bit more.”
  • Our transition defense wasn’t great (in the 1st Q) - and not in the 3rd Q either..
  • Miami hit some tough shots. If people hit pull-up jumpers, you just got to give them credit. (Their FG % and 3PT % were better than Purdue’s)
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