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Feb 2, 2011
Poipu, HI
I'd be surprised if there are some ultra wealthy Purdue alum floating around out there who are also big Purdue sports fans. Now, getting them to write a check is a different story.
Or they expect a return on their investment (commitment to winning) before they write more checks. The good news is the current administration seems to be making the investment in facilities and paying for good coaches. Let’s hope this bears fruit. IMO Purdue needs to learn how to play the NIL game if we’re to get to the next level
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Feb 15, 2005
He is visiting this weekend, for the 4th time.
I don’t put any stock into people that post on other teams forums. He probably stays, he might fall for the easy money. Some of these kids don’t have anyone in their life giving them meaningful advice. I would love to know the percentage of those players that take NIL money and actually put that money away and invest it for their future because of the grim likelihood they actually make it to the NFL.

that money will be gone so quickly, I wouldn’t want any of those players on my team because the moment they take that money they don’t need to listen to a coach anymore.