Conference expanding

Mar 17, 2022
Making it harder to get off the deck and there may be more programs to come. Have a seat belt.
ND has been offered from the conference, UWash and Oregon have already asked to join as well. I think we will be at 20 before the end of summer, or next summer at worst, and go to 24 once FSU, Clemson, and Miami leave the ACC to go SEC as is being highly speculated.
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May 18, 2006
Both USC and UCLA will definitely help raise the B1G's profile in women's basketball. Both have really good coaches in Close and Gotlieb.

Gotlieb was on her way to super stardom in the coaching ranks, leading Cal to the Final Four, before she experimented with the NBA, you'd think she'll recover at a place like USC, as LA is a prime NLI location.

Close has sustained a consistent record of success over the past 10+ years at UCLA, but she seems to be turning it up a couple notches, putting the Bruins as possible Final 4 contenders down the line as she has the nation's top incoming recruiting class, with 5 players, led by the nation's top incoming freshman guard Kiki Rice.

I welcome the further competition and hopefully it'll help in recruiting the talent-rich southern California area. I believe our last player from that part of the country was Michelle Clark back in 2007.

As far as WBB goes - it will be interesting to see where Stanford ends up - I know realignment is 100% football focused - but I would hate to see that storied WBB program get left in the dust. Seems like the Cardinal has been a complete afterthought along with Cal, Washington State and Oregon State. Would they be regulated to the Mountain West when the dust settles strictly on their Football team's lack of success/TV markets? That would be a hard pill to swallow for Tara V.
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