1. Boiler Addict

    Bowl Game / 2022 Perspective

    Purdue faithful, It seems like the bowl game outlook has gotten worse every day. The latest rumor is O'Connell is out, which then I question who else would be out due to contact tracing. Don't panic from tomorrow's result, it doesn't mean the program had a bad year, or that Brohm's a bad coach...
  2. Boiler Addict

    June 23 Purdue Camp news

    Anyone have any insight to the camp? I saw a bat signal on Twitter from one of our recruiting coordinators, but not much else.
  3. All_American_Banker

    JFQ Lending: New Year, New Savings!

    Hi there, My Name is Andrew Hogberg, and I’m...
  4. BoilerBloodline

    Football Recruiting

    I know COVID-19 has drastically changed this...
  5. M

    Harrison Ingram

    Anyone have any updates on Harrison Ingram? I...