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Mockobee is better than dierking. He’s bigger, faster and more elusive. I really can’t think of a Purdue comparison. Maybe Floyd Little of the Denver Bronchos for you old timers.
Referencing the 68-yard run, he reminded me of Northwestern's all-time leading rusher, Justin Jackson. Not the greatest top-end speed (but good enough), shiftiness, and great acceleration. Also, his "exaggerated" moves (between the Purdue 35 -45 yard-lines), dodging in and backing out of holes, reminded me of OJ Simpson's running style. The Purdue analog, and I'm going on a general and very foggy memory, might be Montrell Lowe. The thing I really loved about Mockobee was when his teammates came up to congratulate him, he wasn't in the mood to celebrate. He had some unfinished business to take care of, which he did in the ensuing play. I think this young man has some great leadership skills (also evidenced by his acceptance to the Naval Academy). I only wish he had been at the right place to intervene during the Syracuse game. It might be asking a bit much from a red-shirt freshman, but I think he is going to have a brilliant career at Purdue.

3 Pt Road Dogs at MD

Against an athletic QB, doesn’t a fast athletic LB get assigned to track him wherever he goes? Any running make him pay. I’m sure I’m oversimplifying, but a shadowing LB will make a runni g QB one dimensional.
I nominate Wahlberg. What a pleasant surprise. Turned out to be the LB we are were hoping for Yanni.

ot: Syracuse cracks the Top 25.